Clean Out Auctioneers

Clean_Out_AuctionsAuctions can be an effective way to clean out a home or business. J.W. Disposal Services is a strategic partner with Strategic Auction Alliance, a full service auction firm.

Depending upon the specific circumstances, on site live auctions can provide an effective means of cleaning out a property by selling the entire contents of a property, on a room by room basis, to the high bidder.  We provide solutions to residential and business clients.  We have a long list of buyers for multiple asset classes.

Balanced Costs with a Rapid Solution

For the right situation, clean out auctions benefit everyone from realtors to attorneys, businesses and families. By selling the entire contents of each room, a room at a time, the expense of disposing of certain items and cherry picking others is negated.  Auctions deliver instant results and take full advantage of the time value of money.

The Benefits of a Multipurpose Team

The best solution may be a combination of solutions that include sorting and consigning different items to different auction houses.  As a full service auction and clean out firm, we have multiple resources available to us.  The best solution for your specific needs   can be determined by an on site analysis of situation.  To find the best solution, you need the right team.  J.W. Disposal Services has the in-house expertise and resources you need to provide the most effective solution for your specific situation.

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