Estate Clean Out Services

Estate_ServicesLiquidating an estate can be a difficult task. Of course there are the easy things, such as the broach that Grandma always wore, or the dining room table that has been in the family for centuries, as you know those will stay in the family. However, what do you do when it comes to the little things like the old newspapers in the corner or the couch which no one wants to take home? Whether you are a family member, realtor or attorney, turn to J.W. Disposal for all your estate clean out services.

Estate Services for Family Members

There are times when an estate will be liquidated and the relative is downsizing. They are moving into a new stage in their lives and it is time to move to an apartment closer to family or into a nursing home for attentive care. Then there are times when the estate liquidation is part of the painful process of mourning. As a family oriented business we know what it is like to lose someone you love. We know how hard it can be to say goodbye.

One of the first steps to liquidating an estate is to determine the value of the items. Decide what should be kept as a memento, what should be passed on to family and what should be discarded. This process is not easy. Our professional staff can help you clear the clutter so that you can see more clearly what is valuable. Whether you are cleaning a large home or a room in a nursing home, we can help. We will not rush you to decision, but be by your side to make the process easier. When all is said and done the important items will stay with the family forever, the useful items will be sent to charity and the rest will be taken care of.

Estate Services for Realtors

Purging an estate to prepare property for the market takes strategic planning. What are buyers looking for? What needs to go and what should stay to give the home charm? These decisions will help stage the home for sale. A good realtor knows all the right moves.  We provide the expertise to get the job done quickly and painlessly.

Estate Services for Attorneys

When managing the liquidation of an estate, every dollar counts. We have a great team to get the job done quickly and at a price that fits the projects budget. One way to cut costs is to recycle the furniture located in the estate.  We know how to get the job done at the best price, in the most efficient way possible.  For all of your estate service needs, contact J. W. Disposal. We have the skills, training and tact to help with this important life transition. J.W. Disposal Services is a strategic partner with Strategic Auction Alliance, a full service auction firm. We are a Massachusetts based Company servicing New England.