Removal of Scrap Metal

Truckload of Scrap MetalWhen working on a construction project of any kind you are likely to run into scrap metal. Scrap metal cannot be tossed out like regular trash. There are specific steps which must be taken to ensure that anyone handling the scrap metal is safe and that the metal itself is disposed of or recycled properly.

The Types of Scrap Metals

There are two common types of scrap metal. Iron containing scrap metal is known as ferrous scrap, while non-iron based metal is known as nonferrous. Scrap metal we come across includes:

  • Construction Plate
  • Construction Wiring
  • Car Metals
  • Copper Pipes
  • Aluminum Siding
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Catalysts

Scrap metal can come from a simple home construction project of building your own shed or creating a roofline for a deck or as complicated as gutting an office building to make room for the new employees. It is important to keep track of what was in the metal which was used in the project in order to be able to properly dispose of it.

Recycling Scrap Metals

As there are so many types of metals, the disposal of the metal depends on the grade, previous usage and possibility of hazardous or radioactive substance. One of the things that you as a home owner or business owner will have to deal with are the safety issues for removal. Scrap metal can cause noise hazards, fire hazards, hazards to your skin and hazards to your eyes. Do not try and remove it all by yourself.

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